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” After receiving responses like “the bathroom of a 747” and “the kitchen table,” Bob Eubanks comes to a “not-too-literate” [black] lady who, after a lengthy deliberation, states “It be the butt, Bob”.

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I know it’s horrible to leave you waiting outside in a range of inclement weather situations.

But I literally have no idea what happens between me saying, “OK, time to go, WOW, I’ll be so early! My guess is checking Facebook or trying to even out my eyeliner.

You have to figure out where to best place these tiles in the grid so that everyone is smiling and filling up your happiness bar.

In the meantime, just tell me the movie starts at instead of . I’m still figuring out this whole “organization” thing.

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Girls Like Robots' tile-swapping puzzles require you know all of these little relationships, setting up a seating arrangement to make sure everyone is happily sitting next to someone they like.

And sometimes, everyone is just being attacked by the bug king and no one really likes it.