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Dating white pine trees

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The term “King’s Arrow Pine” originated from this policy.

Economically and socially, Eastern White Pine is one of the state’s most important tree species.

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Therefore, it is no coincidence that Maine is known as the “Pine Tree State.” Recognizing its importance, in 1895 the Maine Legislature designated the “Pine Cone and Tassel” as Maine’s official floral emblem.

The British Crown instituted the first White Pine Act in Massachusetts in 1691, but extended it to all of New England by 1711.

The act prohibited the harvesting of white pine trees larger than 24 inches in diameter.

Woodland management, timber harvesting, trucking and milling provide careers for foresters, truckers, loggers, mill workers, and others throughout Maine.

White pine occurs in all localities in the state: in moist situations, on uplands and on sandy soil, but develops best on fertile, well-drained soils.