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Q: In the real world, do you feel that this type of romance and this type of love generally works out, especially with such distance between the two persons?
It’s not them being insincere, it’s just part of the culture.

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The United Nations Security Council was last night considering a resolution tabled by Britain, France and the Lebanon to impose a no-fly zone over the country.In past days air power has tipped the military balance heavily in favour of the regime.

The minute long clip shows fighters from the usually conservative Libya Dawn malitia group getting wet and wild while supposedly guarding the diplomatic bolt-hole from other armed groups.Eighty miles north of here, in Benghazi, they parade in the streets; they pose for pictures in Qaddafi's darkened cells; they stand victorious on top of tanks; they fire Kalashnikovs toward the sky.And while the signs of victory remain impossible to miss — burned-out tanks on the streets, barrack walls broken down by unarmed men, guard towers obliterated by explosives used to catch fish — there are signs, too, that Libya's free people have developed a kind of slipshod but systematic military — if still far from a competent one.The Tripoli-based Islamist group are known for their strict interpretation of the Quran and disgusting punishment of those opposed to their regime.However their strict moral values are forgotten behind the scenes as the clip below shows."Tabrez came in touch with Ali while working in Riyadh.