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Or just an excuse for beer goggles and lack of self control?And why is demand for help with sex addiction on the rise (no pun intended)? Ellen Hendriksen offers six signs of sex addiction and how to know if you have merely a supercharged libido … Page 1 of 2Although sex addiction is the name, researchers and clinicians still debate about what exactly constitutes the game.In an early interview study, many sexually compulsive individuals described a numb, detached, or trance-like state where an overpowering drive seems to take over.One interviewee simply said “I click out.” But sadly, there are consequences.Indeed, there’s research to suggest that sex addiction is not unlike drug addiction.A study out of none other than the University of Cambridge found the same engagement of several brain areas—all involved in reward and motivation—in people with compulsive sexual behavior as previously found in people struggling with drug addiction. A high number of sexual partners isn’t inherently pathological—instead, the problem lies in something called congruence. Also, because the early symptoms of pregnancy often mimic the symptoms you might experience right before and during menstruation, you may not realize you're pregnant.

Is online dating something that works for the adult crowd looking to find local sex with no strings attached? What kinds of people make the choice to explore adult sex dating?

So the fact that you notice some of these symptoms does not necessarily mean you are pregnant.

The only way to tell for sure is with a pregnancy test.

But sex addiction is particularly hard to talk about (agh, double entendre alert! Here’s how to tell if your sex life is ruining your actual life. If having many partners adds to your life or spending a lot of time or money on sex is in line with who you are, there’s no issue—life and sex are congruent.

) because it quickly gets into the realm of moralizing. But if sex and the pursuit thereof takes away from your life, like taking up lots of time or causing a preoccupation with sex that leads you to neglect relationships, friends, family, work, or school, then we have incongruence, which equals a problem. You have unrelenting urges that require immediate gratification, but what’s more, you act upon the urges without thinking about consequences.